Porsche 986, y2000 fix & improvement list

In 2015 I bought a used Porsche Boxster at very good price and it had 119.280 km. It has tiptronic automatic gearbox.

The plan was, to try it out for a bit and than sell it after a while.

However it turned out, that I kept it and I still have a lot of fun with it.

Firstly, I got LPG installed in the car. This meant, that fuel cost was now down to be similar as my KIA Ceed SW diesel 🙂

But as any old car, there was quite a few things which needed to be fixed and new ones pop out every month.

Since I have learned about the fixes mainly on the Internet forums and YouTube, where enthusiastic owners share their experience, I decided to make a list of fixes and what they meant to the car performance.

So let us begin:

  • Headlights – original they had some yellow burns inside, so we replaced it with Magento Marelli ones.
  • Water pump – it died on me in Livigno, Italy. When car started to loose the coolant, we suspected coolant expansion tank to leak, but it later turned out, that it was a water pump. After replacing it we have learned, that this is quite a common problem and it should be replaced at around 100k km anyway.
  • We changed the coolant expansion tank anyway.
  • Bushes on suspension – we put inpolyurethane one. It did help to decrease some rattling when driving on our not so good roads.
  • Engine mount – this fixed quite loud Clunk noise when hitting some holes on the road.
  • Front radiator fans resistor – car temperature was getting slightly to hot on slow drives. It turned out, that ballast or resistor on the vent was broken and it did not work on a slow mode.
  • Later we replaced both front radiator fans, since one quit working all together.
  • Front seat covers – changed it from leatherette to leather, since it was too hard to find the right material.
  • Torque converter – it died on me, taking the oil pump in the transmission with it. Thankfully it did not destroy the transmission itself. We bought a used one and took it to the refurbisher to refurbish it and install it. There, we also learned, that torque converter in Boxsters are not the best ones and that it is recommended to refurbish them quite soon. Can save you quite a bit of money.
  • Window power mechanism in the left side (driver side) door. Motor was OK, just mechanical part of the mechanism had to be replaced.
  • Door lock mechanism
  • A/C condenser and dryer
  • Brake calliper refurb kit
  • Crank shaft position sensor, since car sometimes at higher altitutes just died and didn’t want to start for a few minutes.
  • Air / oil separator
  • Rear control arms. Car started to make some clunking noise and we decided to change the control arms. This brought really big improvements in overall handling and the filling itself. Before this change, I was not actually aware, that there was so many noises coming from rear suspension. Car now feels like a new car, even on the bad roads of ours 🙂
  • We also decided to change front control arms. The improvement is not so drastic as with rear ones but one can feel the difference in steering and also some light vibrations on highway speeds are gone 🙂

All in all, the car has been in the garage for almost 3 full Years and it is such a fun and pleasure to drive that it will probably stay for a few more. I have put additional 50k km on it, so now it is at about 167.000 km.

All this would not be possible, if not for my brother Danilo, who makes a lot of the repairments in our garage and not charge me for the work 🙂

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29.10.2017 Kolpa in medvedje ride

Total distance: 444.54 km
Total climbing: 8885 m
Total descent: -8861 m
Average speed: 71.81 km/h
Download file: 2017-10-29 1049__20171029_1049.gpx

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14.10.2017 Austrian hills with motorcycle

Total distance: 473.23 km
Total climbing: 6441 m
Total descent: -6388 m
Average speed: 79.68 km/h
Download file: 2017-10-14 1121__20171014_1121.gpx

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30.12.2016 Evening walk in Florence

Total distance: 9.51 km
Total climbing: 123 m
Total descent: -119 m
Average speed: 13.11 km/h
Download file: 2016-12-30 1750__20161230_1750.gpx

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